What is MediArXiv?

MediArXiv is a community-run open archive for media, film, and communication studies. Initiated by Open Access in Media Studies and founded in 2019, the preprint server is now governed by a 16-member Steering Committee of academics and librarians from around the world. MediArXiv provides a non-profit platform for media, film, and communication scholars to upload their working papers, preprints, accepted manuscripts (post-prints), and published manuscripts. The mission of MediArXiv is to open up media, film, and communication research to a broader readership and to help build the future of scholarly communication. The archive receives submissions from around the world, which are moderated in 11 languages.

What is the legal status of MediArXiv?

MediArXiv is a registered non-profit corporation in the state of Pennsylvania, with 501(c)(3) status. We have partnered with the Center for Open Science, a non-profit organization who operates the Open Science Framework upon which MediArXiv is hosted and developed. All of the operating documentation is available to the public on Github, openly licensed.

Operating MediArXiv incurs expenses. Minor expenses include registration of the domain name and shared hosting. Further, as of 2020, the Center for Open Science is requesting that their partnering preprint servers contribute towards the expenses of operating the server, including developer maintenance, DOI minting, hosting, and overhead, on a cost recovery basis. With this in mind, MediArXiv is creating a Membership Circle, formed of organizations interested in supporting open dissemination of media scholarship.

What is the request?

For institutions the platform asks for $500.00 annually from each member organization. Renewals will be invoiced on an annual basis. In exchange, we will feature your organization on the MediArXiv website and social media channels (unless you ask us not to). Thank you for your consideration!

Ready to join?

Great! Please send an email to mediarxiv@mediarxiv.com to get started. Invoices can be paid via ACH bank transfer or credit card.

Individual donations

Next to the Institutional Membership Circle funding programme, MediArXiv also launches a donation option for individuals. If you think open, non-profit, community owned infrastructure in media and communication studies should be the norm, please consider a small donation here.